Thursday, November 6, 2008

two in a row

new record for me
since i started working.
do i get a prize?

lots of nothing to tell
last week i was lucky to get
a lunch date with my man.
best soul food around:
mama lee's

then this past weekend it was time for another
road trip with the bff, her pirate and my lil pirate.
we went to the ren faire in houston

i'll share more on that
when i have more time.
it was FUN though!!

took some time to chill

and because i'm a dork
the sight of the red cup
the other day
surprised me and
made me all warm inside

does it have that effect on any of you?

that's all you get for now peeps.
until the weekend....


Lisa said...

i saw someone walking around with a red cup and immediately NEEDED a peppermint white mocha. and, funny enough, it has put me in the christmas spirit...whereas last week i was hating christmas because it's only the beginning of november. but the peppermint in the red cup soothed my soul and now i'm sewing up all kinds of christmas goodies :)

island girl said...

LOL..i must admit...i did squeal a little at the site of the little red cup!! :)

kimmyk said...

i got the peppermint latte the other day and about squealed like a pig when she handed me the red cup.


Josy said...

the red cup TOTALLY makes me warm inside! I LOVE the holiday drinks!!! Have a great Thanksgiving! :) and congrats on the new house! Looks awesome!