Sunday, November 9, 2008

more on the ren faire.

what to say?

it was a lot of fun.
there was plenty of faire food

fried alligator?!

fish & chips.
that's more like it.

interesting shops

with interesting wares

i was especially fond of the
'sumbitch' container.

exciting and hilarious shows...

unfortunate outfits galore...

i'll give you a moment to let
that sink in...

also some interesting ones
(i'm a narnia fan, can't help it)

this dude just creeped me out...
but it was an interesting outfit

i kid you not
there was even a wedding.
like for reals
a wedding at the ren faire.

who does that?!


Positive For 365 said...

don't laf at the wedding, cause yours will be maid of honor at my little ones and you KWIM!!
but its still better than star trek...o me garsh!!

kimmyk said...

the bride looked pretty.
i hope they had enough cake. wedding cake? love that!

never been to one of these shindigs. i have heard of them...but yeah, i live in ohio and we're not all that culturally diversified.

island girl said...

ha..i thought that said sumbitch..but i thought i was reading it!

Danielle Andreoli said...

So do you dress up too?

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

did you see the chick in the pink skirt in the background of the pic of the guy with the black/white face? lol

that bride's dress is amazing!!!