Thursday, October 9, 2008

live small.

this is what a family of four
our family of four
has accumulated over the last 13 years.
caution: blurry pic ahead.

we're looking to purchase a house
on the sooner side of
it will be on the smallish side of
small-to medium.
and that's okay.
now we must decide what we
really love
what we can can "afford" to keep.

here's to living small
and yardsales
that help you get there.


Kara said...

hooray for yard sales!

Kate Michele said...

two four year olds
a husband with alot of buddies

1200 sq ft

really the secret is making sure everyone smells good :P and well making your bedroom YOURS and YOURS alone

the plus side is your utilities are cheaper. though id say try for a bigger kitchen than mine....4x12 is SMALL and i tend to say this ALOT "there are too many people in here OUT OUT OUT i cant move!!"


Danielle Melnyczenko said...

I'd love to go to one of your yardsales... and then come home and blog about all my lovely bargains. Good luck sorting it all out.

kimmyk said...

i can't wait to 3 years we'll be moving. hopefully overseas. and i will purge.

i've started going through my layers recently-removing one at a feels good to get rid of stuff, but still...where does it all come from???