Monday, October 27, 2008

the swing of it.

i started a new position at work today.
i quite enjoy the mondaythrufriday of it
but all of this learning has me exhausted
by the time i switch to auto pilot
for the 40 minute ride home.

i'm told it will get better.
tomorrow is the long day.
8-7. yes. a 10 hour day.
i'm seeing a lot of coffee
in my future.


Anonymous said...

Breathe Deep
Sip Slow

island girl said...

ooohhh..8-7...crazy hours...! coffee is good idea!

Katrina said...

I *heart* coffee. And I miss a google-reader-makes-it-seem-like-I'm-not-reading-but-I-really-am sorta way.

Kate Michele said...

oh stressfull sweetie
make some kickin cds to listen to on the way home, you need your own personal coffee pot on your desk. haha


Colleen said...

you'll do great!!

congrats on the new job