Wednesday, October 1, 2008

re:yest coments.

i pulled up behind one of these the other day:

freaked me out!! i didn't realise they were
marketing them in the U.S. now!!
when we lived in germany
i wanted one so bad!!
i never get anything.
onto yest comments
as there isn't anything else to chat about today
since i worked late
and plan to do the same today.
:) with the way the economy is going
i am fortunate to have one!!

jackie: this was my first class
i found it through the ACE
adult/community education.
5 classes for $59...can't beat it!
dani: i'm thinking of doing the
stop light/passing cars thing.
any thoughts?
kimmy k: i am not so worried
if i can enjoy my sweets with
half the calories!! lol
vee: i was suprised they turned out
so well. just a bit cake-y,
i like mine goo-ey...but still good!!
kate: you're right. i loved your sister's
& i didn't know you HAD a sister!!


Kate Michele said...

i do she is three years older and an artist in Columbus about two and half hours south of me.

this is her official site you might like to browse it


Anonymous said...

you can put those in your pocket instead of parking them.

Anonymous said...

That sounds perfect, try it out.