Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the view from here.

ready for the morning.

a lil some-some i'm working on.

i cleaned the "office area" yest.

and baked sugar free (splenda)
choc chip cookies for a friend's
fiance (he's diabetic). yum.

last night was my first photography class.
very basic
but it sounds like he will build on the basics
which is good.
first assignment is to play with shutter speed.
i have a few days to think on that.
i don't want to just do the water sprinkler
or running water from the faucet.

i work the late shift today
so i have a lil time to catch up on
these informative pieces:



Kate Michele said...

your style reminds me so much of my sisters. you should check out her etsy site i bet youd like it



Vee said...

cookies look delish! :)

kimmyk said...

i love splenda!
i'm sure it's going to be the death of me someday but for now...love it.

nice office too btw.

Danielle Melnyczenko said...

yay, tablescapes :) Coexist love it. Have fun with the course. Water is definitely not the only subject with movement.

Jackietex said...

Man those cookies look good!

Hey, how did you find your photography class and is this your first one?