Sunday, September 21, 2008

so much fun.

so little time!!
my birthday began with the bff
picking me up for a birthday PSL.
she even had a bouquet of balloons for me!!

then my bosses ordered cuppy cakes
yes i had to work on my birthday
but when you get a free red velvet cupcake out of it
who can complain?!

we posted the deets for the actual birthday celebration...
somehow i lost about 11 years by the time saturday rolled around!!

thanks for the starf*cker
you're the bestest.

she made me f*ck a star,
i made her ride a bull

uhm, guys, where's jenevy??
somehow i didn't get that pic??

found her.
on the dance floor!! :)

and thus ends
my birthday with the co-workers
we had a blast
and more than a few shots.
who's next?



Missy said...

Happy Birthday, my dear!!

kimmyk said...

oh i missed your birthday (and i think that's because you didn't tell us, right?) anyways, it looks like you had a great time. and i dont know how old you are but you dont look a day over..hmm..i'm gonna say 25. very sassy new 'do. love it!

and what a great bunch of coworkers! red velvet cake? was that cream cheese frosting on top??? yum!

Anonymous said...

that was fun :o)
where's the pic of you playing pool ?

glo.riah said...

thanks gals,
kimmyk you're right,
there wasn't a peep about my day.
32....feels just like
31 did.


SpAzzGiRL said...

Happy Bday!!

Anonymous said...

Good Times
Happy Birthday Sweet
I want me a starf*cker
and to do the nutbush
and ride a bull
and be 21 4EVA

Mel~B said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! It looks like you had a blast! Mmmmmm cupcakes. I'm hungry now! You look great by the way!!

Kate Michele said...

omg im sooo late a thousand apologies



EatCrayons said...

Glo..lady, I missed your birthday!? How very, very, very uncool of me. I'm sorry! It looks like you had a wonderful (FUN!) day. :)

Happiest, happy belated birthday to you! I want a cupcake.

Vee said...

happy belated birthday!!! look like good times indeed! :)