Friday, September 5, 2008

i got the hell outside.

and took some pictures.


so yesterday was my day off.
i decided earlier in the week that
i was in desperate need of a pedi.
gorceries can wait.
first things first, people.
after a quick stop at the bucks
(PSL is back!! omgosh PSL is back!!)
bff and i arrived at the aveda institute
(did you know there was one in the 210?!)

and after a much needed pampering
and giggle fest (thanks to amanda and ian)

i headed outside to take some pictures.

finished our day off with a bit of this

and all was perfect in my world.


Kate Michele said...

birdhouses and painted toes>

doesnt get much better than that :D


Anonymous said...

I need me some painted tootsies and a kick ass bird cage. Great day.

Colleen said...

that tree pic is awesome
look at you bein all naturey an shit