Tuesday, September 9, 2008

sent to waco. and austin.

so i baked my sister and her bff some cookies
on sunday...
sent a box to waco
and a box to austin.
i hope they make it without melting!!

(i found the recipe on a blog
and of course now i can't remember who's it was on...
but it can be found here.
you're welcome, and i'm sorry.
because those babies are addicting!!)

okay, we're off tomorrow
going to wimberly to celebrate our
14th anniversary...early.


lind.sae said...

you're such a thoughtful sister! and yeah, as soon as all my kitchen things are in one location I am definitely making those cookies. YUM

Kate Michele said...


14?! how awesome for you two!! very best anniversary wishes


Anonymous said...

get a room already!!!
oh, you did....okay then well done :0)
XXOO to you both

Colleen said...

and happy anniv!!!