Monday, September 29, 2008

on going mid-evil.

bff and i took our girls
on a lil road trip this weekend.
they dressed up
and were actually quite
embarrassed that bff & i
did not.

the girl one wondered if i felt
out of place.
i tell you what
if i were to dress up, i'd be a gypsy.
those costumes were quite nice!!

we had a good time, sat on some hay and
watched a juggler fumble through his act.

bff was his chosen victim.

i love his little shoes!!
when we commented on them
he did not miss a beat,
explaining that little shoes
were NOT indicative of anything.
except little toes.

they even had rides
at the faire.

okay, not really
but isn't this guy HUGE?!


Kate Michele said...

god ur cute!!

and im with the girl one, what gives? i would of sooo been a gypsy hahaha


Anonymous said...

Dress ups are fun. Can I have a man-ride please! lol

Colleen said...

OMG how fun!!