Monday, September 15, 2008

notes on a thanksgiving that wasn't in november.

la crabigayil came home from baylor
this weekend
and she wanted some FOOD.
what else is new?

so yesterday we headed to my mom's to
feast like it was thanksgiving.

complete with a kid's table.

my brother stevie gave it all a thumbs up.

the kids looked cute.
love sugar lump's hairdo!!

after all that excitement
i could have easily claimed
i was exhausted
and who could blame me if i
weasled my way out of painting the
downstairs bathroom?

that wouldn't be me, though.
i wanted all that icky country style wall paper COVERED.
and cover it i did.

oh, and did i mention i got my hair cut this weekend??


Danielle Melnyczenko said...

You look a little like Natalie Imbruglia, google her, LOVE IT. oh and how adorable is "sugar lump"! You such a big family, lucky girl.

Colleen said...

you do look like natalie imbruglia!!
but cuter

something about the word feast that makes me all warm and happy inside

Kate Michele said...

Now im hungry...yummm

great job on the bathroom I so need to kick my ass in gear and get ours done, its the only one we have it needs to rock.

LOVE the hair, (just chopped mine today, stop over and take a look.) you so rock that do girl!!


EatCrayons said...

Mmmmmm...feast. So hungry, thinking of Thanksgiving. I bet the kiddie table had some of the best conversation. ;)

Love the new 'do!

kimmyk said...

your hair looks adorable!!!
how short is the back???

your family get togethers are great. you are blessed indeed.