Tuesday, September 2, 2008

on empty cups and thoughtful friends.

so i was going to do a quick post
about how i had a lot to do
and how was i to do it with an empty coffee cup

when i came upon this beauty
as i was uploading the empty coffee cup above

funny how sad i am
that my "wine cup" was empty...
ah, good times.
and of course i couldn't upload that one
without posting this one:

you can see how nice
my aussie pals were
to document my drunken stupor.
or pre-hurl
as it were...
now that i've sufficiently
embarrassed myself for the day
i can cross that off my to-do list.


Alison said...

oh holy pre-hurl
i am speechless.

Anonymous said...

el oh el!! ive seen that face before! but you were looking at me from the floor!!

Kate Michele said...

you are too stinkin CUTE


kimmyk said...

you look pitiful!
bless your heart.

i love your friends...one's takin pics while the other is consoling you. too cute!

Mel~B said...

Just looking at this picture makes me feel your pain!

Colleen said...


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA you are so awesome.
"Why is my rice moving? OMG MY RICE IS MOVING!!!"