Friday, September 19, 2008

little treasure

i love it when i find aprons
at antique shops.

i love it even more when
they are tattered.
because then i *know*
they were used by a

happy friday bloggers!!


Missy said...

THAT is freaking cute!!

Positive For 365 said...

hey mrs cleaver can wally and the beav come over?
that must be your trick to the best cookies ever!!

kimmyk said...

love it.
so totally you in so many ways.

it's got that whole becky home-ecky feel to it yet it says...i can fry it up in a pan.

gotta know though, didja twirl with it on?

Kate Michele said...

OMG you are so freakin CUTE!!

cute cute cute


Colleen said...

how cute! look at you all suzy homemaker

do the flowers open up into pockets?

Danielle Melnyczenko said...

Freaking CUTE... get baking sister