Thursday, September 4, 2008

on how i miss ikea.

even though our house here is smallish
i still miss my big shopping trips to ikea.
the girl one is in need of a new bed soon
so i think a trip to round rock
ikea is in order.
so sad i won't be travelling to the homebush ikea...
i'm missing affordable sushi

and yummy phat boy pad thai

and clever shop names.

have a happy thursday people!!
friday's just around the corner!!


Anonymous said...

OKAY already!
look around you! there is a lot of lovely around here too!!!!


Anonymous said...

p.s. i almost forgot


kimmyk said...

we got an ikea store in cinci.
i haven't gone yet...they have other stores inside that store? how cool is that??!??!

kimmyk said...

i found this blog while surfing and thought of you.

the concept behind it is adorable.

kimmyk said...'s a blog post that you will relate to. i laughed all the way through it and i never read those damn books like y'all have....

Colleen said...

if my ikea had sushi, i'd never leave

Kate Michele said...

i have to take a road trip to Pittsburgh (about 2hours away) but its sooo worth it! ahhhh ikea, how a love thee.


Anonymous said...

what about ME???

glo.riah said...

dani, OF COURSE i miss YOU!!

silly girl!!