Wednesday, October 22, 2008

on quick trips.

last sunday we took a quick trip
to san angelo
to visit the hubby's family.

the boy one always goes through
his paw-paw's video cabinet
to see if there's something new
to take...
i don't know why he bothers.
the videos are always the same.
here's the perfect example:

as we drove around
we noticed that it looked like
san angelo is revitalizing
the downtown
which makes me giddy.
i will always love the downtown.
i'm all for it as long as they
leave my favorite wall alone.

when we lived in san angelo i never truly
appreciated this wall
so i thought i should take a pic
before they do something silly
like paint over it.
i doubt they would.
not even a punk kid would dare
do anything to deface the texas flag.

that's just small town manners
i guess.


Kate Michele said...

interesting video selection he has there.
does he have Splash? Love me my JOhn Candy in that one. :D


Colleen said...

i totally get the flag, but the videos? say whaaaa?