Sunday, October 19, 2008

with nothing of importance to share.

but i want to point out that
1) i'm sharing.
2)i'm here. alive.

exhibit a:
bff and i noticed these
cuties on the shelf of the new target
last week.
i noticed how much the one on the left
reminds me of, well, me.

exhibit b):
loving the art on the walls
at the bucks lately.
caught a snap of one in particular
that inspired me.

it's the layers, i think.
i'm inspired by meaning beneath meaning.
the ever-changing picture
as it were.
then we have exhibit c):
i saw this
and had to take a picture
of a picture
of the perfect hair style
for me.

i'll print it out and take it
with me next time i go in for a trim.
i have a looong way to go.
so for a while it will be just a
trim trim, no cut cut.


Kara said...

love the hair style. that would be really cute. :)

miss ya!

Vee said...

i think you would look awesome with that hairstyle too! ;)

kimmyk said...

that is a great cut! totally you!

and i love that picture. how pretty is that? great colors. that would look great in my livingroom.

"borrow" it and then send it to me. they'll never find it in ohio.
just sayin.

Positive For 365 said...

LOL, who is the pumpkin on the right?

Kate Michele said...

the hair... target right?? I saw that pic the last time i was in there and loved that cut!!! we have the same taste in hair i think haha


glo.riah said...

yep. target. they are the bestest at inspiring moi.
you get two guesses. the first one doesnt count.
dude. if i could sneakaway with that piece, i would.
vee, kara:
thanks!! i am hoping i still like it when my hair is long enough!!