Monday, March 16, 2009

didn't see that coming.

sometimes i just don't get it.
i'm trying to be an open minded individual.
but when it comes to certain things
i will not budge.

being the momma to a teenager
sucks today.


kimmyk said...

awww...tomorrow is a new day and if you're truly have a rough time with your teen (whichever one) tomorrow is a whole new day and a fresh start.

i've learned over the past 5 years to pick my battles...

we have good kids.
we are blessed with healthy children.
they are teens therefore they drive us bonkers.
but they love us even though at times they make us want to drink.

hugs from one momma of teens to another.

on a side note/
i thought the magnets were funny.
smartasses. ya gotta love 'em!

kimmyk said...

Hey here's something you might like--When I saw the rules for the 'contest' I totally thought of you and your pics with your coffee cups.

We have until Friday to submit...I'm totally going to play, but I think you should too. It'll be fun!~

C@S@NdR@ said...

did you steal that chicago magnet from work? lol

Kate Michele said...

aww :(

how cute are those skull angel magnets?! i love those!! where did you find them?