Thursday, March 26, 2009

good morning.

here again.

for a little bit at least.
this week has been one
of those weeks.
and i am loving that tomorrow
i have a weekday off.
even though i have to take the boy one
to the dentist
and pick up the girl one
since she has a half day...
no matter.
i plan to take the camera off the shelf
and use it to photograph
three things at LEAST
that will surely put a smile on my face
the next time i empty the SD card.

we painted the girl one's room
she is loving green- not the light
happy airy green- no, this girl is like her momma
in that she is FIERCE with what she loves.
no half hearted green for her.
no we went FULL ON
pics to follow.
until then-


island girl said...

enjoy your weekday off...and i must see this fierce green...

kimmyk said...

starbucks has a way of making you feel better.
i say that as i sit here and drink my venti black iced tea with two sweet 'n low shaken.


Enjoy your day off!

Danielle said...

I hope you have fun on your day off. can't wait to see how the pictures go :P