Wednesday, March 11, 2009

so. ever heard of facebook?

that's where i've been lately.
i am enamoured.
i even got to chat with my fave aussie dani!!

i was all ready for summer to waltz in
bought these lovlies.

and then today
the high was like

holy heck.


Kara said...

I am a facebook addict. You must send me a friend request. Must. :)

island girl said...

LOL..i heard the weather dropped over there!! what the heck?! so glad you're on FB! YAY!

kimmyk said...

i dont do facebook. i'm afraid it would consume me and i dont have that kind of time. and besides people find thanks. LOL!

cute flip flops!

Missy said...

that's where I've been too.
Find me.
Friend me.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is awesome if you can't be assed emailing epic letters. I check it all the time and it's always surprising... like chatting to you ;)

Kate Michele said...

i like FB cuz i have the app downloaded to my blackberry so its not like i have to make time to play hahaha

friend me! friend me! :D


Danielle said...

bring on the flip flops.

Colleen said...

girl, you betta add me