Saturday, March 14, 2009

my baby girl.

still wants to drink
out of her hello kitty mug.

hot chocolate tastes better
out of hello kitty's head i guess.



kimmyk said...

OMG, Abbie still drinks out of her Cinderella sippy cup so what the heck!

Her hello kitty is precious.

Danielle said...

We love hello kitty so I say, why not :P

EatCrayons said...

Anything with Hello Kitty is better. ;) My little Keegan would flip for that cute mug!

Colleen said...

I used to have a nestle quick mug that turned the rabbit a different color when it got hot. If I had that mug today, I'd still drink out of it

Danimezza said...

lol too cute :)

Kate Michele said...

how adorable!!
wonder what ever happened to my little mermaid cup? gonna have to call Ma. :D