Saturday, March 21, 2009

this morning.

i need a pedi
and some energy to paint the girl's room
not to mention wash about 84 thousand loads of laundry
i'm out of creamer
& i don't like coffee without cream
so it'll be a looong saturday.
i can't believe it's been 4 days 
since i've been online.
yes i can.
thank GOD this past week is over.

k8- the magnets were bought downtown, a local artist made them
kimmy- pass the wine. i'll need the whole bottle!! :)
c@ss- no silly!! lucero bought everyone a chi-town magnet!! 


kimmyk said...

pretty picture.
we don't have any flowers blooming here yet. i'm waiting though.

yeah i have laundry to do today too. not sure it's as much as you though. but i haven't seen adam or abbie do laundry in a week so it might be close. LOL!

glad your week is over and if you lived closer i would totally bring you cream for your coffee (baileys) and then we'd work on that bottle of wine.

hope your weekend is better than last week.

Colleen said...

i love spring
this is why

i'm with you on the creamer thing
i once was out of milk and made coffee then drove an hour to school and used the milk there for my coffee. can't drink it black. blech

laundry sucks. punto