Friday, March 6, 2009

let the sunshine in.

what $7.20 worth of the world's
YUMMIEST oranges looks like:

oh cara-cara.
you definitely bring the sunshine in.
i've needed it something fierce lately.
this is how i spent most of last week's mornings:

under the green umbrella.
that also keeps me on this
side of the happy line.


kimmyk said...

you need a blue moon beer to put some of that orange in.

just sayin.

oh! and your hair is lookin' all cute. i swear i keep threatening to cut mine all off. i just gotta do it i know.

Kara said...

I must disagree. I bought a cara-cara orange last week, and it was yucky.

I did make some fabulous clementine marmalade, though. Now THOSE are some good oranges!


Colleen said...

welcome back! and yay for cara caras! i love them. our navel oranges are coming in now and they taste so sweet after eating the cara caras

Chriselda said...

omg. cara cara oranges. i have a bin full of them right now!
you've inspired me to shoot them!

i miss you so.