Tuesday, December 18, 2007


holy moly it's a christmas miracle!!
i scrapped last night
while the hubster watched the spurs game
we won't mention the outcome of that game...
i've been following a few challenges...
emily's mini art journal on her blog
and the project runway challenges on 
i really want to start the challenges on
and i am already planning on starting the 
2007 DW calendar prompts again.
i started that last year, but somehow got to jan 29 
and abandoned it.
i swear, sometimes i have the attention span of a flea.

speaking of which.
i was going somewhere with that train of thought...
i am caught up.
on em's challenges
and on the project runway challenges.
woo hoo!!
i tried to set the scanner up so i could
share them online, but apparently
the old gal didn't want to play with the big mac.
so instead here's a yucky pic 
of a page i am pretty happy with.


yest comments:
spazz-i agree, i do breakfast so much better when it's in the afternoon/evening!!
sandra-thank you. happy holidays to you too!!
colleen-googled the story, how cool that it began with a tai chi dude!!
natalie- you sure can!! we always share food. (my sisters & brothers are always here!!)
br@ndy- welcome back hon!! i've missed ya!!

1 comment:

SpAzzGiRL said...

love the page...caught up? What does that feel like?
email me when you get a moment...spazzgirl555 at the yahoo.