Saturday, December 22, 2007


i joined my first ATC swap the other day on sistv
and by today i was finished.
23 cards 
lots of paint/ink
valentine theme
i am so proud of how they turned out...
that was the most i have put into a project 
in a looong time. 
i am usually a 
kinda gal.

i've been in the process of trying to purge my supplies
but everytime i think i won't need something
it ends up being my saving grace for the next LO
(or in this case project!!).
what to do??
i really hate how messy this area looks
especially because we have an open floor plan
and it's just about the first thing you see when 
you open the front door.
i'd love a nice cabinet to put it all in...
or perhaps a dresser i can paint/fix up?
i repeat: blech.
any thoughts? ideas?

1 comment:

kimmyk said...

i loved my christmas card!
you're so crafty!

crafty people amaze me...

have a merry christmas!