Thursday, December 6, 2007

global warming.

how can one not miss a sky like this?

i'm on the hubby's mac daddy.
(he's updating the big mac to leopard.)
found some left over pics from australia.
le sigh.
i'm missing it today.

not to say that today hasn't been good.
i have yummy smells 
coming from the crockpot
i got to finish season one of big love
but the moment i sat down and saw all of these
pics treasures
i started to miss it.

chalk it up to the weather.
it's like in the 80's here
and i kind of expected that our
warm christmases had ended the 
moment we left oZ!!


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

that is gorgeous! i love when the sky is filled with different clouds and you can begin to fathom just how big the sky is. when it's all just blue or all just gray, it's like, oh, there's the sky. but once there's some definition, it's like you can think it terms of distance. you know?


yeah, very thought-provoking stuff indeed. lol

at least no one flashed a gun at you today, right? i'm thinking that automatically makes it a better day. maybe that's just me though.

SpAzzGiRL said...

It's 30 here and snowy, so I'm envying you.
I love Big Love, one of my favs on dvd.

incognito said...

spazz- i got hooked on big love FAST!! :)

and you're right joce. no guns= good day!!

EatCrayons said...

Oh wow, such a pretty sky.

What'cha cookin' in the crockpot?

80's? How unChristmas-y...I can send some of our chilly temps. and sleet your way...just say the word. :)