Sunday, December 2, 2007

in the 512.

we had a blast
at our state capitol yest.

i love that the boyone and girlone
were up to spend the day walking 
around austin with their 
oh-so-uncool mom and dad.

they really do like to learn about 
anything and everything.
which makes me so very proud.

i learned a lot, too.
this guy will never 
take a serious photo.

and this girl is growing up.
faster than i'd like to admit.

and this boy just adores music.

in any form.

all in all
it was a great family day
in texas.


Colleen said...

i love happy posts

EatCrayons said...

The very best kinds of days are spent just the way yours was. :)

SpAzzGiRL said...

I visited with Stevie back in June, took an entire weekend just to find him!
Love the pictures.

incognito said...

:) thanks guys!!
it was such a great day!!