Monday, December 17, 2007

it's monday again.

and i am menu-planning
while i enjoy my first cup of joe.

this week looks like this:

quiche with simple green salad
curry and jasmine rice
chicken strips and mashed potatoes
breakfast for dinner (eggs, pancakes)
bean chalupas with mexi rice

yest comments:
jen: but i'm the good kind of evil. because you will appreciate this recipe when your lil man comes up to you at eleven p.m. the night before a school function and tells you he needs to bring something to the school party tomorrow. (it happens!!) lol
colleen: now that sounds delish!! i hadn't heard of the bucks pay it forward...that would have been so cool to see/be a part of!! where was it??
katrina: oh, i can't let the girls go free for long. i am the one who was always more comfortable sleeping in her bra!! (that is until it all went south and i had to start buying underwire bras!!) lmao


SpAzzGiRL said...

we're big fans of breakfast for dinner too, who has time for that in the morning? lol

Sandra said...

Great menu, Happy Holiday :)


Colleen said...

love that cup

i'm trying to get organized enough to do the menu monday thing

so far i'm only on monday: chili with jiffy cornbread. gotta be jiffy.

ok, lemme google the bucks thing...brb

Colleen said...

found it! it was in pompano beach (just outside miami)

Natalie said...

Can I come over for the chicken strips?

My Menu Plan is up too! :)

BR@NDY said...

Okay I am totally out of the loop...finally found your link to your blogaroo today in my junk mail. So I am here to do a little catching up.