Friday, December 7, 2007

oh yum indeed.

yesterday's crockpot recipe 
was yummy!!
i think i used too much water in the first step
1/2" really is enough it would seem!!
so the sauce was a wee bit runny
but it was still goood.

i am not the type of gal to 
talk up a recipe 
and then not share it...
so here's the dish:

chicken marinara over noodles

4 chicken breasts, sliced into thick chunks 
(try to get most of the fatty stuff off)
1 tb butter, melted
1 pkg dry italian dressing (mix packet)
1 jar marinara sauce (i used cheap heb brand)
1/2 c whipping cream
(i also added a little jar of ragu pizza sauce)

pour 1/2" water into crockpot.
place chicken chunks into crockpot.
drizzle melted butter over chicken.
sprinkle italian dressing mix over chicken.
cook for 2-3 hrs on hi.
pour in marinara. 
(this is also when i added the pizza sauce)
let cook for 1-2 hrs on low.
one half hour before eating
add whipping cream, stir.
serve over noodles, wide egg or spiral.
i chose egg noodles. 
i also topped it with a little mozzerella
and a few whole black olives.
i love back olives!!