Wednesday, December 26, 2007

an xmas post on boxing day.

yes he is

yes she does

hope your day was merry.
ours sure was.


leewoodside said...

Merry Christmas sweetie. xoxo

kimmyk said...

looks like a lot of people there to feed.

whose the assman? lol.

incognito said...

kimmyk, assman is my lil brother.
yes, little. lmao
merry christmas to you, lee!!

Missy said...

oh man that looks fun!!
so happy to see your holiday went well :)

Jackietex said...

Yeah, I finally saw your comment! Thanks for helping me find you. I'm sorry you had to delete your old one--that really sucks.

Katrina said...

glad that you had a good christmas! :)