Thursday, December 20, 2007

hometown tourist.

have you ever just wanted to be a tourist in your own
with nothing to do yesterday and nothing but time on 
our hands we headed to down town san antonio.
you know
remember the alamo

and all that jazz.

it didn't take much for the girlone to convince us
to take a ride on the riverwalk boat...
it was a good ride with lots of interesting facts like:

this tree continues to grow out of this wall because 
no one bothered to remove the roots after san antonio's 
worst flood (1921) deposited them there.
it's actually growing in the restaurant as well...trying to
reach the door!!

also because of the flood 
this tree is host to another tree 
(complete with roots!!)
how cool is that?!

and did you know carol burnet was born here?
in this very hospital?
i had no clue she was even texan!!

okay, it's time to begin my day.
have a good one y'all!!

yest comments:
thanks gals. sometimes it feels as though i have 5 kids
and not just 2...
but at the end of the day 
everyone knows they are cared for!!


Colleen said...

the alamo! i want to go there so bad!!!

kimmyk said...

i didnt know she was from texas either. sheesh.

cool trees.

i forgot about the alamo. gah.