Saturday, December 29, 2007

don't ration your passion.

just thought i'd throw up a few pics
of the casa for reference.
i think we've decided to re-paint an old
dresser of ours and put it here...
that way maybe it'll look a bit more tidy.
here's where i scrap...
i stand mostly, put my table up on bed risers.
chriselda don't look, there's an alien on my scrap table!!
here's where i surf the 'net
pay bills
write grocery lists
and drink caffeinated beverages.
my favorite part of my corner
the cork board.

i found that quote
"don't ration your passion"
in W magazine this month.
love it.

okay, i'm off to hang curtains.
and hopefully get some pics of a clean bedroom!!


Missy said...

nice abode, my dear :)
I like your space.
and I love the phrase:
don't ration your passion...
gotta tuck that one away somewhere. :)

Jackietex said...

I love your chairs and sofa, they are so beautiful!

kimmyk said...

you have great colors in your house!
i love the furniture too.

i need to declutter and start painting, but it's winter and it's butt cold so i'll be waiting til spring thank you very much.

island girl said...

oohh...that quote is killer...

red couches make me swoon....

lovin' your space!!

dani_luigi said...

oh I love your space.
I have a billboard too, I love my billboard and when I say love I mean LOVE my billboard..but I think I need big one.