Monday, December 24, 2007

a giggle, the small stuff and menu plan monday.

lots to post today!!

the giggle:

he wanted to make it look like he was there.
such a sense of humor.

still feeling sick.
it's turning into a cough.

anyone else excited about ashley's 
new project?
can't wait.
because as you can tell, i am all about 
the little things.
honey crisp anyone??
i created a LO last night that
documented my appreciation for 
boxed graham cracker crumbs.

sure the LO is really about my girl one's first experience
in the kitchen learning how to make our fave holiday treat
but i was sure to throw in the tid-bit about how i am glad
there was no mess from graham cracker crumb-making.
also, i should mention these pages are the same color irl.
they just didn't photograph that way and i was too lazy to hook
up the scanner.

& last but certainly not least:

my menu-

bbq burgers, pinto beans and creamed corn
christmas dinner
grilled cheese and tomato soup
baked peri-peri chicken and potato wedges
chicken, rice and broccoli bake

now to decide when it'd be best to fight the crowds.
i'd better get going.

merry christmas eve, y'all!!


Missy said...

Merry Christmas, sassy pants!
I'm coming to get some buckeyes ;)
numma numma

kimmyk said...

merry christmas to you and your family gloria!!!

i love me some buckeyes!

staceyfike said...

i wondered what happened to you!
i haven't been able to find your blog for 2 months now!!
then i found your new link on SIS.
so welcome back to my bloglines list!!
and merry christmas!!

Katrina said...

we totally need to set up your boy with my girl.