Sunday, December 23, 2007

crafty christmas eve eve eve.

i had the nephew and niece yest.
for 6 hours.
my hat's off to you mothers of pre-schoolers
and toddlers.
and twice to those who have one of each!!
i had completely forgotten how little you can 
get done while they are awake!!

planned a few activities, since idle hands 
are the devil's playground... :)
but that backfired.
sugar+preschooler=HYPER preschooler!!

that was yesterday.
today i am not feeling well.
early present from the half-pints maybe?
throat is itchy and nose is runny.
so i'm off to try and sleep it off
so that my christmas is not spent drunk on nyquil.

be well, friends.


Missy said...

6 munchkins just left my house.
oy vey.
my hats off to anyone who has more than one!!

and I'm coming over for some gingerbread :)

kimmyk said...

sweet picture!
looks like he was deep in thought.

i hope you feel better...being a sicky on christmas is so not fun.

merry christmas eve!