Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas on the concho.

we took a roadtrip yesterday.

it was good to get the heck outta dodge
for a day.
i wanted to go see the lights on the concho

and it was the father-in-law's 55th b-day.
we took him to zentner's daughter...
it was a nice visit, the lights were so pretty, 
and we had a lot of fun laughing at auggie 
the doggie

as he sat his fat butt down to eat.
this is the funniest thing to me
i had never seen a dog sit down to eat!!

tomorrow will be spent taking down the tree, 
i brought home a wonderful family heirloom
and i need to make room for it!!

i will take pics just as soon as everything is 
in it's rightful place...
better not hold your breath...
until then,
be well friends!!


kimmyk said...

looks like a good time.

i wanna get the hell out of dodge too. i need a vacation.

enjoy your break of sorts.

Katrina said...

oh're taking down your tree. I was feeling like I was supposed to leave it up a bit longer...but REALLY want it down. So I'm following your lead.