Friday, November 16, 2007


aidan in fall, originally uploaded by glo-riah.

today we had nephewaidan.
i am constantly amazed
at how much energy
those little bodies
actually contain!!

no word yet from the bank.
i thought it went quite well.
so i am still hopeful!!

next week is thanksgiving.
i can't wait to dig in to that
i love thanksgiving dinner.
well, everything except
for that wobbly cranberry thing.
that kinda freaks me out.

okay that's about it.
enjoy your weekend peeps!!


Anonymous said...

hahaha remember me last thanks giving, I was freaked out by everything. Candied Yams tastes like dessert but you eat it DURING your main meal... trippy!!! Next weekend should be interesting. Yep, its at Kevins... again. Have a good weekend girly.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

when i was kid we ALWAYS had milk for dinner every night and on thanksgiving, we had that wobbly cranberry stuff. have you ever drank milk after eating that cranberry stuff? NASTY! i'm telling you! don't try it! it's all kinds of awful!

we are supposed to have an early thanksgiving dinner with my husband's grandma tomorrow, and i have this awful sore throat. i'm hoping i'm up for it. if i crap out of going, people will think i'm faking, they always think i fake being sick. i don't know why.

TMI! lol

kimmyk said...

how precious!

i love cranberry anything except you're right that wiggly thing that falls from the tin can. gross.

but cranberry salad? over here please.

have a great weekend!