Saturday, November 17, 2007

caught up.

i am all caught up on em's challenges.

i even prepared another "deck" for next year.
even if she doesn't do it again, i think i will.
i'm not sure if i'll use the same prompts again,
or go with what i feel. although
when i go with what i feel,
i am often stuck in a rut.
no one wants that.
so please, em, let's play again!!

and have you seen this?
i signed up yest.
i am stoked.
bring on the paint.

& on a totally unrelated topic:
can anyone explain to me
how the dog has more choices
for a snack than we do?
he has peanut butter flavored
molasses flavored
and plain milk bones.

but he sure is cute.


Anonymous said...

Love your deck-looks great. As for the class I've been kicking it around but I have not talent with paint.

I'm often shock at all the choices for doggies as far as treats. My pooch is funny because if it doesn't taste like meat don't even bother...hee-hee. Cute doggie.


Colleen said...

oh i am so not caught up...i really really need to, but then i have 50 other challenges to do.

i'm challenge impaired
challenge challenged


StarrAltered said...

that class you signed up for looks very cool! have you taken one before?

incognito said...

starr- no not online, but my a few of my friends have taken the plunge. i took a class from emily in australia, it was MAGNIFICENT!! she's a great teacher. better get moving before we lap you!! lmao

baberry- i think the class would help then!! i feel like i have no ideas for paint...and i hope this class pulls them out of me!!

Anonymous said...

ummm love it!!!... it must have been good to "vent" after being behind so long due to relocation. I'm ready for next year.. bring it on!!!