Saturday, November 24, 2007

notes on a cold, wet saturday.

  • we froze last night, our heater was smoking (!!) so we had to wait for the repair guy to check it out before firing it up. 
  • he arrived this afternoon at 12:36.
  • we were frozen solid. 
  • but i think all that shivering tightened my abs a bit.
  • thinking about my bff and hoping she is still having a grand time in new jersey.
  • i miss my gals in sydney. hi dani m!! hi alice!! xoxo
  • the nonfat sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte is rocking my socks these days.
  • totally inspired (once again!!) by emily. i am going to make this soonish.
  • and i'm going to use it. 


kimmyk said...

cool ornament!

"this" won't open so i can't see what you're going to make. but i'm sure it's fabulous!

nonfat sugar free gingerbread with whip creme is rockin my winter socks these days. gah. it's like an every single day sometimes twice a day obsession. it's gettin bad.

glad you guys are

Christal said...

MMMM! Sounds yummy! Hope the heat is working today! It could be worse, you could be here in my hometown... The high today is 39! Woke up to the 20's! LOL! I'd take the Texan 50's right about now!

incognito said...

fixed the link, sorry kimmyk...and your drink sounds delish too. if you're going no fat on the GBL you need the whip!!

and no thanks christal. i'll keep my 50's!! :)

Chriselda said...

what are you talking about?
i didn't go to jersey?

incognito said...

lol chriselda...
i must have you confused with someone else!! :P