Friday, November 23, 2007

on a really black friday...

holy moly, texas weather!!
we went from 85 degrees to
50 in like
half a day,
talk about whiplash!!

i got up at the
i never went to sleep last night.
so this morning
at 5, while in the shower
trying to will myself to stay awake...
i made a mental list
and decided i'd go out
and fight the crowds.

it was a bust.
i crossed a few more
people off my list, so
it wasn't a total bust.
but nothing i purchased
was on sale, so
really, i could have gotten the
extra sleep
and the gifts later on!!


what'd you get today??


Missy said...

I got NADA today.
'cept for some BW3s.
and some quiet time with my boys. :)

Chris-el-da said...

never ever go shopping on the day after.
i have social anxiety
like whoa!
anyway... i miss you