Tuesday, November 13, 2007


bekahboo doll, originally uploaded by glo-girl.

my sisterbekah at heb.
we were there to pick up sammich stuffs.
ended up cruising the aisles for toys
for our angels (church toy drive).

i was walking ahead of the teenagers
when i hear, "hey, that's a myspace pose!"
of course i had to look.

sure is.


jenscaleshr said...

That is so funny - a doll with a smirk on her face! I may have to find one of those for me... to use at work. No HR office should be without it.

Oh - and you're so right-on about "re-makes" - that is just plain wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha sweet :)

kimmyk said...

oh yeah. most definitely a myspace pose. the doll just adds to the coolness of it all.

i laugh at abbie, the more juvenile something is-the cooler it is. crazy kids!