Sunday, November 25, 2007

a whole lotta nothing.

nothing much worth blogging about today.
catching up on the tv that our wonderful
little dvr has recorded for moi.
unfortunately for everyone tv will suck soonish
since the writers are on strike.
i hope that ends soon.
and i hope that the writers get what they want.
they are geniuses, after all.

workin on a few things this week.
that grateful journal, for one. 
(fixed that link from yest.)
and a few LOs- 
i am waiting on 
some pics from shutterfly.
i also ordered from the apple/kodak
place. i hope they are good, it's easier
to use!!

okay, weeds awaits.

be good to each other people!!


Chriselda said...

you've inspired me to scrapbook.
right now!
toodle loo

Colleen said...

ok, i just typed a comment and i don't know what happened...too much nog, maybe?

anyway, what i said was i'm goingto make one of those grateful journals too...hopefully i'll keep up with this one more than the deck of me which i'm REALLY behind on. LOL

did you get snow? stay warm!!

incognito said...

i want to see what you create, chriselda. i have always loved how raw your LOs could be!!

colleen- no snow, but the clouds are really pregnant with a storm. i'm not sure i want it to snow, these SAT drivers aren't very capable on DRY roads, i'd hate to see what they'll be like with snow to deal with.

Jody said...

I love your ornaments...and fyi, I don't have any trees up at my house yet. I need to clean the clutter first. =) Off to check out Em's blog and get inspired by her too! Hope you're loving being back in Texas.
XOXO...maybe our paths will cross someday!

Vee said...

your ornaments are awesome, i know tv is going to caput in a few, so sad :(
but more time for scraps, hmmmm....

SpAzzGiRL said...

loving the ornaments.
I am praying for the writers to come back too, although I am very thankful for Netflix and whole seasons on dvd.