Thursday, November 8, 2007

queen of random.

i see the side view of a gummy bear.

my lovely aussie friend emily
tagged me this morning.
which is fine by me,
because i need to move yesterday's post
down a bit!!

today's a better day.

1. on my laptop table right now:
a half full coke zero, a new bag of fire jolly ranchers, an empty reese's crunchy bar wrapper, my stack of cards from emily's challenge, and some pics from shutterfly.

2. in my freezer: sugar free fla*vor ice, turkey sausage, toaster strudel, 2 loaves of cinnamon raisin bread, a PB cheesecake, low fat frozen yogurt, ice, tyson chicken, breaded shrimp and some kind of liquor.

3. on my mind: how to get this for dinner: rudy's bbq. the turkey is soooo good, especially smothered in rudy's bbq sause. and no, sause is not spelled incorrectly...that's how rudy spells it. mmm.

4. i am a study in contradictions. i love to organize, but most days you wouldn't guess it by the state of my bedroom!!

5. i am watching nephewaidan today. that kid is a ball of energy.

6. right now i miss: these two.

7. it has taken me an hour to finish this post. (see number 5 for reason)

okay so let's see if i *know* seven people in blogland to tag!!
dani m

i know you gals are all pretty busy, but them's the rules.
and i am nothing, if not obedient.


Katrina said...

tomorrow. promise.

EatCrayons said...

Your randoms made me rather hungry...
Gummy bear in the clouds, reese's wrapper, toaster strudel, cinnamon raisin bread, cheesecake? You're killin' me. ;)

I will try my bestest to play soon!

Colleen said...

i spy flavor ice!

i did mine

Chriselda said...

oooooh cute!
but why's there gotta be so much food in this post?
kills my diet!

kimmyk said...

i will do this either tonight or tomorrow.

i miss southern bbq joints. they're just not the same here in ohio.

i dont see a gummi bear, but i love me some gummi's so i'll pretend i see it.

hope you had fun with the nephew. they can wear you out though can't they? [little ones i mean]

how the hell can you have cheesecake in your freezer? omg, i woulda ate it the day i bought it.