Tuesday, November 13, 2007

messy spaces.

okay dani m, you asked for it.

i really have no close ups, because
well, let's face it.
i'm shy. (lmao)
no really, it is a wreck,
i want to post pretty pics when
i have my shit together, ya know?

our skies today??

at least it isn't scorching hot this morning.
but i can't say it won't get there later!!


dani_luigi said...

LOVE IT. Looks like your space and house is really coming together.

Anonymous said...

Sweet... :D Now just imagine me in the corner huddled in amungst your acrylic stamps and used baby wipes (to clean the ink off the stamps)... Room looks awesome... now how about pics of the rest of the house :D hahahaha

incognito said...

i'm getting there!!
today we actually FOUND the livingroom floor!!