Tuesday, November 6, 2007

starbucks love.

have to have it.

this cup contained anniversary blend.

mm mm good.

and because i needed a pick me up
after wearing CUTE but painful!! whitehouse/blackmarket shoes
all day whilst job hunting
i had one of these:

iced grande non-fat sugar free vanilla latte.

oh, and don't let the tank top fool ya.

it's cold in san antonio today!!

be well.


Anonymous said...

You are totally rocking that haircut girly :) I'd kill for a caffine fix. Been 9 weeks and i haven't had cola. Of course, everywhere I look though, someone is drinking a nice cold coke :S

Katrina said...

sadly, there is no starbucks near my new office...so wed are my only sb day. I kept it simple yesterday...triple venti non-fat latte.


EatCrayons said...

The Anniversary blend is one of my faaaaaaaaaaavoritest! Yummmyummnummmers!