Monday, November 19, 2007

coupla things.

as i mentioned before
we have a big backyard.
the d-o-double g
loves it.

for dani m, who was missing
said canine:

nothing like a pup with a mouth
full of tennis ball!!

we did our thanksgiving dinner
shopping today.
holy $180 food bill, batman!!

later on we are looking through
our christmas decs,
to make sure everything is working properly.

i think i am one of only a
handful of bloggers who doesn't have
her tree up already.
what is this madness??

this week's challenge:


i don't think journaling is needed.
who isn't rejuvenated by a pedi??

be well!!


SpAzzGiRL said...

found, I lost ya for a bit.
how big was the turkey?
i don't have the tree up yet either, love the cards!

Colleen said...

still laughing at rudfuckers...hehe

Nat said...

love your dog - so cute. And the card is awesome!

Danimezza said...

um I've had my tree up for 2 weeks now :P I don't care I love it. Its my tree and there are no rules. If it makes me happy whats wrong with that :P Hope nothing need replacing.
I haven't had a chance to do cards lately, moving the house around, paining and all that jazz. I'm behind by about 3 weeks now :S Not that I can upload pics anyway.
I'm just rushing off to have a girly bubble bath and a pedi for my new job tomorrow... at CLUBX... woohoo read blog.
BTW: Beckham sooooooooooooo fricken cute :D

Katrina said...

uh, is it that I totally forget how freakin' expensive a turkey dinner is!

of course, the multiple bottles of wine aren't cheap, either.

As for the tree...uhm, I just put halloween decorations away tonight. We'll be lucky if we get a tree up by January.

EatCrayons said...

Lovin' the the d-o-double g pic! Lookin' like a happy pup. :)

Ehhhh...I don't have my tree up yet, today is only Thanksgiving. I'm one of those rare, rare few who actually wait until the month of December. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone but we believe in fresh gloriously smelling real trees here, so the longer we hold off on putting our tree up...the better. :)