Sunday, November 18, 2007

veggie burger.

or ruddfuckers.

he he. i'm feeling jouvenile this morning.
is it redundant to put lettuce, tomato
jalapenos and pickles on a veggie

no matter.
i took the burger off and ate the
fresh veggies on the fresh-baked bun.

note to self: fuddruckers doesn't do a good veggie burger.


happy sunday y'alls. i'm off to church.


Christal said...

Glad to have found you.. Have missed reading your updates. Been catching up on the latest happenings~ Hope the bank job pans out! Christal :)

Chriselda said...

rudfuckers and "i'm off to church"
all in one post?

bipolar much?
get YOUR booty here!
i have to photoshop like mad
just to look half as purty as you!